Jiggy's Bachelor Party 7/22-7/24

Location: Leavenworth, WA

Residence: Ski Hill Haus, 12620 Spring Street, Leavenworth, WA 98826

Schedule of Activities


11am: House Check-in

Jeff and I will do the grocery shopping for the weekend Thursday and on the way up there.

1pm: Leavenworth Pump Track

This is a super fun, somewhat mellow skate park up there. If you're into it then definitely bring a skateboard, bike, or fruit boots.

3pm: Cannabis Farm Tour

Casey has some homies up in the area that will tour us through their farm and their will likely be an opportunity to purchase from a retailer in the area after the tour.

Evening: Dinner, Drinking and Activities at the House

For the house let me know if you can bring any of the following:

Lawn Games such as; Poleish Horseshoes, Ladder Golf, Bean Bag Toss, or Lawn Darts.

Bring a baseball mitt if you have one as well and we will need at least one football.

Card games, video games, anything else you think would be fun.

The possibility of getting a stripper for Friday night is about 60% at this point. We've had a couple people unexpectedly drop out which affects the overall budget quite a bit but if everyone is payed up by Monday 7/18 then we may still be able to make it happen. 


11am: Enzian Falls Championship Putting Course

Pretty badass natural mini golf. If you're really into it then bring your putter.

2pm: Stand Up Paddle the River

We will have a gang of stand up paddle board rented for the afternoon. The river is really mellow this time of year and we will be drinking heavily out there. There is a hidden beach about half way through the float that we will pull off on to play some volley ball at.


Dinner and then we can decide if we want to stay at the house or cause some trouble around Bavaria


Check out and one more rip around the pump track

Attendees (paid if bold)

1. Jeff Ward
2. Eddie Roberts
3. David Paull (Friday only)

4. Alec Leibman
5. James Rachner (Saturday only)
6. Buckwheat Terry
7. Nick Thompson
8. Terry McWilliams
9. Geoff Stenning
10. Jon Raduenz
11. Dave Wight

12. Trevor Sleeman (Saturday only)
13. Martin Bettinger
14. Casey Davison
16. Akil Mason
16. Chad Douglas